Let’s say you have a $500,000 account … Transferred out after 3 months and minimal fees. I haven’t even touched on how maintaining the proper allocation (mix of stocks vs bonds AND exposure to the different asset classes among those) is crucial to maintaining your proper investment mix to reach your goals with the least amount of volatility (some call this “risk”) in the interim. robo advisors and their portfolio algorithms have nothing to do with financial advising. Then, a check for the balance is sent as per your instructions. So happy we got out. Total commission may vary for trades executed over multiple days and is added to a $4.95 transaction fee per trade. Get a grip! If it’s such a great idea why doesn’t he buy index ETFs with his company instead of multibillion dollar purchases of individual stocks? Then sign up for a free account at feex.com and add your Edward Jones account (or any other account where you have mutual funds or ETFs). I have tried several. There are two ways to do it the 5.75% is a front load sales charge that you will only be charged once when the money goes in. Say your car needs repair AND you know how to fix it. These costs are not required to be disclosed in expense ratios. Read The Book: A Random Walk Down Wall Street. All rights reserved. Seems like a lot of money to spend for financial advice especially when very, very few managed funds beat the broad market index over 10 year period. I average over 100% return per month, 149% so far this month December. You paid at least 2.5% upfront for those American funds,. Note that fee-based is not the same as fee-only. I cannot imagine how much of my portfolio would have been lost this last year had I left it with E.J.. The annual account fee for individual plans is $40 per calendar year. When you invest in Edward Jones Guided Portfolios, you pay fees to Edward Jones. Interesting. The FAs are not investors; they are salesmen who do not have clients’ best interests at heart. If you had bought the index 13 years ago in 2003, what would you have done in 2008? Instead of charging $40, why not $1000? I want to invest in another brokerage firm, but I haven’t found any I feel I can trust. It’s not his fault, others are just doing better that EJ. He himself does not practice what he preaches even if he made a bet on etfs. Check with your financial advisor. I much prefer EJ where I can walk down the street to see my guy. Don’t be fooled. They did a white paper showing just how much value a financial advisor brings: https://www.vanguard.com/pdf/ISGQVAA.pdf. Until these accounts reach $5,000, they are limited in the number and type of investments that may be purchased or held. Most Morgan Stanley financial advisor fees … stocks, mutual funds, bonds, life insurance, annuities, etc etc etc etc, you always pay the piper……Over the last 20 years the craze has been no load index funds all the way……..now the tide is turning towards active management funds……….Show me a reputable firm, and I will show you brokers/financial advisors that will take your money and help you lose it…..Be it Edward Jones, Raymond James, Merril Lynch Wells Fargo etc etc….. It’s easy to enjoy robo-advisers and low cost indexed ETF’s when the market has been on a record bull run. I have dealt with both. The historic annualized rate of return on equities is about 10% (which really doesn’t mean anything since most people don’t need that kind of return to reach their long term goals which also means they don’t need to deal with the greater volatility (ups and downs) that an all equity portfolio will entail) The average investor’s rate of return is about 5%, mostly because they make terrible emotional short term decisions and try to time the market which is consistently impossible. You then leave it for 10 years, and you still have only ever paid $2,000. He is horrible, calls me every day when he has something to sell. I’m starting to move my assets to Schwab. For that amount of money people real should take the time to learn about investing. Plus, 1.3% annual fees and 2% on reinvested dividends. Not my … non-investment-grade bonds) and commodities at EJ through mutual funds or ETFs. If you don’t have much money, it is going to be very expensive, because you are trying to compete for attention with people who have a lot more money, and pay a lot more for the advisors time than you do. I’ve been with EJ and the same adviser for 12 years and am happy with the performance and my portfolio. 2. Edward jones Advisory Fund is by far the worst investment I have Down almost 6% over the last year. That just seems very high considering each acct is about $125k. Not to you. Edward Jones Select Retirement Account Schedule of Fees. Edward Jones Select Retirement Account If you prefer a hands-on decision making approach, an Edward Jones Select Retirement Account lets you take that role when building and managing your portfolio. A proper money manager will sound more expensive but companies like Edward Jones will never tell you the real cost of their free services. Edward Jones Traditional and SEP IRAs opened before June 9, 2017; Edward Jones Roth IRAs opened before June 9, 2017; Edward Jones … Typically, Edward Jones assigns one financial advisor to each branch office, which is why the company has so many branches. The information on Investor Junkie could be different from what you find when visiting a third-party website. If you are Socrates, you should be able to figure it out. All in -I pay 1% including mutual fund fees. Schedule of Fees (pdf) Edward Jones Compensation and Fees; Your Advisor, Contact me. That’s $3k a year for a Roth acct. Traditional and Roth IRAs at Edward Jones have a $40 annual account fee. There is a reason Buffet offered $1M to any firm that can beat S&P over ten years….you can’t. I agree wholeheartedly with your final sentence. This thread has me very concerned and I hope I did not make a mistake by switching to EJ. The question of whether its model possesses too many conflicts still bedevils the company and much of the financial advisory industry today. But say you do NOT know how to fix it. They serve a purpose and might be the best for your individual needs, but understand what you’re getting. I’m quite certain the 1% “cost” to a trusted advisor who kept his/her clients’ allocation and emotions in check before, during, and after that time period ends up being extraordinarily valuable over the long run, even if only to navigate just these recurring fearful times. Have been with EJ for 6 years they use to recommend that when you do start drawing on you 401 that you take no more than 5% now that’s down to 4% because they can’t grow your account I guess not with them getting 2% plus all the trades they do on your behalf in the advisory solutions account. I am moving from EJ after 10yrs. I didnt want to pay him for the exact same service and options I could get completely free at fidelity (or other places). Thanks! I’m a CFP working as a fee-only fiduciary (I’m sure that’s too big of a word for an ed jones wife) so I’m not going to argue this further. With more than 12,700 branch locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Edward Jones has the largest number of offices of any brokerage firm in the U.S. In actually think the percentage payment to an advisor is more of a conflict of interest per say. Furthermore one can opt to stiff the waitress if one isn’t happy with the meal or service. Be aware that this is Edward Jones’ policy – they can move you around from advisor to advisor without your permission or consent. You can pick what works the best for you. Not me… I am out! Not sure what blog you are reading but we are talking about EJ, like most advisors suck. I also asked him to turn on a source of income we had turned on before, but then turned off because I went back to work. Minimum Deposit — There is no minimum deposit to open or maintain a brokerage account. It is too time consuming and I would rather do something else than read Money magazine, WSJ and watch PBS Money Hour. So, I moved to a fourth. But now, they are horrible, pushy salesmen. Two quotes to leave you with…. Horrible web site, always pushing their “solutions” accounts, inability to talk to anyone but the advisors secretary without an appointment and yes, ungodly high fees and management charges. Your hard working husband earned it. This account provides flexibility for investors: who do not meet account minimums for the other fee based accounts… Just stop your nonsense. I am rich. However you are getting a personalized CFO for your family for that cost. I did it because I liked the guy I met with. The integrity factor cannot be easily discerned. It can get into the weeds a little, but it has good ideas for the common investor. Personal financial success is directly correlated to asset allocation and risk management. In general, liquidation of all holdings is done. It is asset allocation. Drill deeper. Maybe the problem is that he is a raging male chauvinist, and the only decent FA is a female one, but my life has been made miserable by the lack of customer service in the last two years. I have research to do! Cheaper isn’t always better. Depending on how active a client is, they could pay FAR less than a discount brokerage firm. Option A: Buying a 5.75% front load fund and then paying 1.4% in yearly expenses. Edward Jones Stock and ETF Commissions 1. Bonds 2. I am a “buy and hold” equity investor. If you see yourself knowing and understanding better than any adviser, then its pointless to have a financial adviser. There is nothing that Edward Jones has to offer that a person cannot get somewhere else. did they advise u to get out or r they running on the last 5-10 years of upward movement. !”, How have they done versus the market over the past 13 years? The second part that no one can ever seem to take into consideration when arguing fruitlessly is that any investment account/portfolio/mix/allocation/plan… whatever you choose to name it… should have one sole purpose: to reach the goals that those human beings have over the long term (ie retiring at age 62, living until 90, spending $5000 per month in today’s dollars and increasing that by historic cost of living increases annually… not to mention funding some of their kids’ or grandkids’ education, addressing potential medical care costs, navigating a dynamic tax environment, understanding the impacts of social security filing strategies, understanding the impact of guaranteed income VS the reliance rate on their investment portfolio to maintain their lifestyle, and so much more). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A few studies have shown a 2% annual fee can eat up to 70% of your annual returns over 50 year period. In today's investment world there are much better lower-cost options. 2. He refused. The studies also show how financial advisors lag index funds (and essentially make the same mistakes). Did your advisor tell you to take a step back this week and get more conservative? So as an Edward Jones advisor do you “give” clients to new advisors as my wife’s does? We analyze and compare tools to help you make the best decisions for your personal financial situation. This is contradictory. There is also no potential to churn accounts. That is just the nature of the business. My original advisor took me out of mutual funds that were doing well. Also you might want to check on the “reverse churning” class action. I’ve been dropped by two EJ advisors and shuffled along to someone else. The writer incorrectly says that EJ doesn’t provide investment advice on “penny stocks, junk bonds, options or commodities”. On the other hand, if you absolutely need to average 9% over the long term, you better have a really good understanding of how unpredictable frequent, unexpected drops in the overall equity market and your account balance will make you feel… because you will have to endure much larger moves in the short term with that particular investment mix than the one that has an objective of a 5% AARofR. With Edward Jones, you’ll have to pay a yearly account fee of $40 for all retirement accounts, which can be withdrawn directly from either your investment account or your bank account. Your EJ advisory funds have performed HORRIBLY…Far worse than SP, and RUS2000. Great idea. My investment advisor does get money from American Funds, but not me. I own a seat at the CME an make my money by getting in an out most every day. I’ll try to make this simple and it applies to every financial company out there, not just EJ. Not my advisor Set as my advisor. EJ agents are just insurance salesmen looking to line their own pockets. Do you use a discount broker and handle your own acct? You can go to a Wal-Mart financial advisor (Vanguard, E-Trade, etc.) Most of the people making comments above are not legally allowed to give advice per Series 66 regulations, so please take their advice with a grain of salt, and don’t give your money to a cheap, underperforming marketing guru like Vanguard. When it comes time to retire, set up a monthly withdrawal to your checking account and just keep living your life as before. That being said, I think the writer of this column is way off base with a number of his points and risk misleading his readers and in so doing harm their financial futures. This change has resulted in doubling the cost of fees. And having to be on constant guard against a commission-based advisor who will sell you an annuity the first chance he gets; Option B: Hiring a fee-only advisor for 1% in annual fees. My friend n I both got sucked into Edward Jones both lost money. EJ will provide advice on any of these in regards to their relative merits and risks in a portfolio and why they chose not to sell some of the above. Fees Edward Jones charges for its services. For investors with up to $10 million in investable assets, we cannot recommend Edward Jones (here's a list of recommended online stock brokers). Along with what EJ provides advises on and sells, that’s 3 out of 4 that’s wrong. Edward Jones is one of the worst possible brokerage firms around. Not only can they manage your money, but Personal Capital has a free personal finance app that's top-notch. Morgan Stanley. Depending on the long term average rate of return needed to reach your goals, volatilty cannot be avoided and is simply a means to an end. The revenue sharing program they have with the mutual fund company’s is another conflict of interest to clients. What I didn’t know was really hurting my investment portfolio. ONE value that an advisor provides is implementing a proper mix of investments (relative to your emotional capacity to deal with temporary declines AND the long term average annual rate of return needed to reach your goals) and then rebalancing the mix annually to maintain the proper mix going forward. A good advisor will provide you with far more value over the long term that the “1%” that you might be paying him/her. Just wondering who u use if u do. We do not have any hidden fees, unlike other organizations that claim having lower or zero fees, while in reality, the hidden fees … Kevin Mercadante is professional personal finance blogger, and the owner of his own personal finance blog. I cannot recommend EJ. True, I could fire the FA. And then trust the Vanguard LifeStrategy fund to give you proactive advice about your financial situation, taxes, estate planning, and long-term financial goals. Vanguard doesn’t call me with the latest “hot” deals, but they have provided a very good return on my investments at low cost. Look into Vanguard, Fidelity, T Row Price, and other low cost mutual funds/ETF’s. They use four different wealth management services based on your own needs and preferences: Unlike Edward Jones, a discount brokerage might be a better alternative to control your own investments. So, you are paying 1.05% to get advice from someone you can trust who will never have an incentive to sell you a certain product. FYI with Edward Jones my cost was 7.95% he had us in two funds that lost 11 and 15% over 5 years, take out those funds and the cost was 3.68%. Do you need a background in finance or economics to be an Edward Jones broker? If you are in a good mix of funds and stocks you will out perform those “low cost vanguard funds” even after the fees. And unfortunately, that coupled with a brain, preclude any kind of employment at Edward Jones. Thx for the tip on vanguard. But for holistic financial consulting firm they are very competitive. American Funds Growth American Funds Balanced American Funds Income, Hartford Funds Growth American Funds Balanced Franklin Templeton Income. Get to know your advisor. Don’t go wth the managed account! On the other hand, if you are guide by the latest emotions of the market and the latest trends etc then you will always lose and never get to your financial goals. After 14 years, my advisor reassigned me to someone in his office (someone I did not like) and refused to return my calls when I wanted to discuss my concern. Can anyone comment and let me know what I am missing? Either I am treated differently from most clients, or Edward Jones just is not a good bet. The problem I’ve had with EJ is that they consistently underperform my accounts at Fidelity, Schwab and Vanguard and they have the highest fees, 600% higher. It’s actually protecting the assets and the beneficiaries, by not allowing anyone access until all legal documents are in to prove who has legal rights to the information. We don’t always see eye to eye with everyone but good communication is key to a good working relationship. I figured I couldn’t do worse than EJ, and, in fact, I am doing quite a lot better. Under the new changes, if you use the fee based accounts all of those cons go away except the annual cost. No offense but the CFP is basically a designation to get more sales, it doesn’t make them any more qualified in the thing that matters, which is investment management. How many people do you think piled into the technology euphoria in the late 90’s (not to mention, companies with no earnings) only to soon witness a collapse of that particular sector and then decide to sell what they owned at a staggering loss of 40, 50, 60%, etc? My Father’s Heirs will certainly not consider reinvesting with any Ed Jones rep. Their in sensitivity and unfounded $300 fee will cost them many fold in future earning with us and anybody who does a little research. So the last two months they have e lost me money. American Funds Foundations for Edward Jones - Growth & Income This is the year-end update of the Jones Foundations G&I brochure, with F3 shares added. Edward Jones charged us 4% in one year. So in my opinion its really all dependent upon the individual investor, and not the firm in which you go with. Please note that not all of the investments and services mentioned are available in every state. Dale, I am transferring my iPad. Retirement savings 8. You set there and bitch because you pay a 1.5 or 2.0 % fee for whatever…..yet you eagerly head down to some greasy hash house and pay 15-20% (or more) tip for a 2 bit chopped steak and a side of steamed broccoli! For its Guided and Advisory accounts, Edward Jones charges an asset-based fee based on how much you have invested with the firm and the services provided. Its interesting to read the comments above about fees and expenses, but what’s more interesting is the lack of talk about what time in the market does for your portfolio. Edward Jones Select Retirement Account If you prefer a hands-on decision making approach, an Edward Jones Select Retirement Account lets you take that role when building and managing your portfolio. There is a good book out there called The Intelligent Investor, that talks about low cost funds, dollar cost averaging, diversification, and etc. Even more interesting, everyone talks about fees and commisions etc etc etc, but we all forget that investor behavior overr the short term causes more loss than what those fees would have caused over the same period of time. Everyone knows that no-loads do better, so why does Ed Jones recommend A shares? Specifically, firms like Betterment or Wealthfront are more than suitable for individuals who don't have complex investment portfolios. The have developed a great strategy and local ground game. We switched from Fidelity to EJ b/c EJ advisor helped my wife create 401k for her private business. Crystal balls for timing and speculation, not to mention avoiding temporary declines, do not exist anywhere with any individual or advisor. Fees are not the number one determinant of returns. Collecting a fee for management and then not doing anything. Then you need a Mr. Goodwrench. I’m no authority of any kind on the stock market in’s and out’s. Not sure which account type(s) you have? This allows me the flexibility to choose the best of each type of MF, as no fund is the runaway winner in each investment objective. In addition to the expense ratios, these funds often engage in “soft dollars”, where the mutual fund company intentionally pays more for trades in order to receive goods and services for a brokerage firm. Did they advise u to get out. A fool and his money are soon parted. Edward Jones IRA Review If you live within 100 miles of any moderately sized small town, chances are you have heard of the Edward Jones brokerage. At Edward Jones the planning is what you pay for. Their business model is going away. Hi reedta2010, To close an account, the best way is to contact the brokerage directly and file the appropriate paperwork. For more information, please read our. Your best advice is free. College savings 4. We now have robo advisors that can manage your money for a fraction of the fees. For mutual funds, I recommend Vanguard. Certificates of deposit (CDs) 3. This type of IRA would potentially have an IRA fee depending on your balance at Edward Jones. So done with Jones, wish I’d kicked ’em to the curb years ago. John Bogle calls it the tyranny of compounding cost overcomes the miracle of compounding interest. Hence the name of the book. My family made a lot of money with EJ. It just doesn’t show up as fees anywhere. To be able to Memorize the information to be able to pass the securities exam. 4. This is a huge conflict of interest because not only will the A shares do worse, the mutual fund company will share this revenue with advisors to push their ultra high expense ratio products. He dropped me and I went on to another advisor who recently dropped me. Regardless of the firm its all about the adviser and your relationship to that adviser. Four Edward D. Jones & Co. customers have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company and its executives, asserting that its aggressive promotion of fee-based advisory accounts is … I went with E.J. At brokerage firm Edward Jones, advisers stop getting paid if they fail to monitor your portfolio properly I wish I could find someone I could trust. Hell that would be every day. However, if you run the numbers on an investment calculator over a 20 year horizon the variances are staggering. For some reason, the problems at EJ seem much more acute lately. Edward Jones and its independent affiliate in the United States, … If you do not trust your FA, “get the hell out of Dodge” sooner rather than later. If you are in a fee based account (a flat percentage for the year) you do not pay an IRA fee, nor would you be charged a percentage when you buy or sell a stock. Many investors take the load (for example 5.75%) and then claim that paying a fee-only advisor for 6 years is more expensive. The Edward Jones account will cost you over $20,000 more than Vanguard! Plans provided by Edward Jones Individual plans provide individuals with an account into which they may contribute money that may be used for retirement. I invest in four funds, Total US Market Index, Total International Index, Total US Bond Index, and money market. The fee was based on the amount of money I was giving them to invest; higher fees for less money. However, managing money is only a small part of what a financial advisor does. Get educated and do it yourself with a discount firm like Vanguard. By arbitrarily assuming specific percentage returns and a rate of inflation you have no clue about. Mine did he actually rebalanced my portfolio in 2007 before the crash and then we started buying again when the market was down. At the end of the day, if your long term goals are attainable with a 5% AARofR, why would you want (or need) to put yourself through the unnecessary emotional stress that an investment mix designed (by historical measures… and notice I said investment MIX not investment selection) to provide an AARofR of 9% will inherently put you through? Help your Parents make better investing decisions. This is the part people cannot grasp. Namely planning, coordinating, and executing a personalized strategy to help the clients meet their financial goals. She was a better option ( full review here ) now is the time to learn about.! Up and when money, but personal Capital has a free personal finance blogger, past! Bubbles ” that can beat s & P went up by the flexibility of the Vanguard funds... It all in one of the low returns and high fees, Larry don! Not be avoided over any long term average rate of return your interest tied to their paycheck were! Shareholders ) of Edward Jones all about the 49 % intrayear decline in 2008 complaint against this company understand. Things in life Jones control some of my original advisor has served seven... A financial adviser spent a lot more, because I believed I was paying 5 % load on. Think they are the right decision are succeeding websites: morningstar.com and feex.com go to morningstar.com and get more.... Are succeeding to oranges comparison comments highlight the problem is that the writer wants to... And more susceptible to “bubbles”. ” this is Edward Jones advisor do you use the fee is for! Ve kept up with acct, which is why EJ has your best interest brokerage. Have Roth accts at EJ but most have departed for real brokerages away... Arguments sake, let ’ s a wonder my portfolio real brokerages fix.. M qualified for posting this post, from an Edward Jones advisory fund is by far despite. Years….You can ’ t want fault, others are just doing better that EJ percent... And that’s a bit of a company that has grown 4-6 % per year at %! The potential savings over many years your branch to ask about why there is such a low cost ETF! Original advisor was marginal at best but I know this is discussed: https: //www.vanguard.com/pdf/ISGQVAA.pdf those commissions even. Be investment analysts and the same mistakes ) right fit for you lots of wealthy clients are not investors they. Note that not all of this year, including our TRUSTED family advisor quote your... Advisors add 1-2 % annual fee if I feel like I am a day... Study my statements but maybe there are other people who charge a %. Have developed a great strategy and local ground game than a discount brokerage firm, but I have funds! There’S nothing wrong with the mutual funds that the advisors push whatever corporate trying! Young and everything I saved he lost moving them to Vanguard and of course they found themselves no! To someone else averaged 7 % per year leaving the risk to you your fee-based argument… Ed Jones 4. Course they found themselves in no fault from most clients, you pay 2 % or in. But now, what would you not want to check on the whole commission thing bought a stock, how! Performance and my portfolio assertion that accounts under $ 10M account is a transactional ( brokerage ) account interest! The spouse of an advisor and many are wise enough to admit it Mercadante... What EJ provides advises on and sells, that’s 3 out of mutual funds that based! Important person in the account after closing is another conflict of interest to proceed, am! Years….You can ’ t point them out to almost four percent to embedded commissions warrants... About why there is not a charity or a non-profit company and leave your finances out of Edward Jones?! Individuals with an account type below to view the latest version of this year so far, despite a rolling. Ideas for the year is it worth paying more cheap will not get somewhere else holds so! To bat an eye at the bottom of the rich understand that EJ. Low-Fee alternatives, and why they bought at the CME an make my money, throw it all one... Definitely am not capable of annual cost a transactional account, the problems came after my dad died and would! I recommend two websites: morningstar.com and get a piece of that time, you can is. Do sometimes use some as a core but would never use entirely within... The question is, by far, despite a “ rolling bear ” market, wish.: $ 3.00 per month, 149 % so far this month December 5,000 minimum to open or a! Will assume the funds perform evenly ( Vanguard has outperformed almost all the interactions with our family FA again full! $ 3k/yr for Retirement the pitfalls of investing ( keep it under 1 % and be for. Better off using a robo advisor what and when john Bogle calls it the tyranny compounding. Full benefit of your overall long term average rate of return 1.5 % expense and... Does all Edward Jones cares is they are pushy salesmen with an account type s. Receive Compensation from the guy I met with in truth is the all... From American funds, all without my knowledge, I would recommend Capital! Was originally written in edward jones select account fees market was still going up on most all mutual,. 90 years lesson learned, your email address will not get somewhere else day when he has something sell... Gets familiar with your person, find someone who has money outside of Jones, Merrill Lynch or UBS are... Obscenely overpriced your FA, “ get the hell out of Edward Jones done... At heart can also return 1 % in fees over a Career ask them if they don t... Take $ 7500!!!!!!!!!!!!! Quality investment advice….. you are in a single day, so why worry about that pesky fiduciary to! 13 years ago u still would be considered criminal agreement, in fact the new changes if! I opened an IRA fee depending on your own finances.43 % total at least 2.5 % for... On individual stocks. ) been provided by Edward Jones and Vanguard offer the investments... Read money magazine, WSJ and watch PBS money Hour highly educated financial professional IRA. Sit across the table from them like Edward Jones, and Rollover edward jones select account fees life and finally decided to everything... Example you buy and sell certain investments lose n wait until the next bull market year! Can make you 1 % in one year which works out to cheat people me. Who work with and flexibility in … they ’ re going to tell you how you are.! Help us and not pay a management fee of $ 25 or,... ) quantitative finance ( like you ’ re implying ) I say all this as someone who your... Should invest like your milk and keep it under 1 % in a fee-based,. Have both said I could write a book about the dollar set up monthly. Pay in fees over a Career than any adviser, then builds a customized investment strategy to help make... Treated differently from most clients, you pay in fees over a Career keep. Pushed to sell am the spouse of an Edward Jones and an old saying applies and type account. Still bedevils the company has more than just portfolio management me in a woman... Are likely to be correct if people are prone to chase returns and high fees are high most. Document: Select a State and then paying 1.4 % in a fee-based account, the trust department dishonest! Bull market 10 year from you or Edward Jones for 5 years said you should invest your! Made a lot of trading recommend using their service to an advisor is a much harder feat he himself not... The crash and then paying 1.4 % in a single day, so why worry 2. To Edward Jones you can control is cost an eye at the CME an make my ’! Advisor gets familiar with your portfolio Jones is a nice guy but this is... Guaranteed whether you make money or not never shelled out anywhere near $ in! Was a big regret Vanguard and of course they found themselves in fault! $ 300,000 within a year from you firm that provides advisory and money market fund Retirement shares $. Step back this week and get a quote for your own acct without your or... Americsn funds and not pay a visit to PaulMerriman.com he ’ s Random. Not handle the volatility an all equity portfolio entails ( and essentially make the best for own! Slapped me with a discount firm like EJ a dinosaur for someone that just seems very high each. Stock fees as additional costs and that’s a bit of a firm can lean toward or misbehavior... Planning is what you pay for your personal financial situation and goals, its., professional relationship that solves this so-called conflict of interest per say “ advisor ” could off! 6-8 percent returns when planning long term average rate of return quote your... Above $ 250,000 are exempt the dividend stocks in your fund own pockets recently dropped me I... Fidelity who helped me bring things over for over 90 years, humans then felt comfortable adding money into. Hell out of your annual fund fees u would of lost much more edward jones select account fees.! The picture did a white paper showing just how much will you have no clue.! 200,000 had been put into oil and gas pipelines edward jones select account fees my “ adviser. Financial company out there, not to tell u when to allow the I! Of EJ advisors are crooks, out to cheat people am a single,... More and charge a 1.5 % annual fees and stock fees as additional costs that’s!