It helps you to listen, understand and memorise. The stand-in word for testicles is jee33-gor33*-ban33 [dzi-gɔ-ban] (literally, "250,000") As for vagina, the actual word is also considered vulgar, so speakers of Penang Hokkien commonly say snaeh3knia1 peng2 [sɛ̃-kiã-peŋ] (literally "delivery area"). * Tone 3 unsandiable morphemes are … View full list of Penang Hokkien Vocabulary Learn Penang Hokkien with Memrise Now you can use the most user-friendly tool on the web to learn Penang Hokkien. For example: mangkok, pingkok, pangkok sungki = protruding tooth. Updated on 23 August 2005. Thank you for using this website! I spotted one or two typos for TLJ, but overall this dictionary is amazing indeed! Many Filipino words that end in -kok are of Chinese origin. Updated on 6 July 2006. ah kor — whether the term means ‘a waiter’.. ah kua — the meaning of the Hokkien word kua and its Mandarin equivalent, if any.. ah long, ah long san — the meaning of the Hokkien words long and san and their Mandarin equivalents, if any. Let us know, and we will update and maintain this list of Singlish words on a regular basis (confirm not so swee 125 only one). It would be more: wa cin-nia suka / sa-yang hele ca-bO : I like / love that woman hele wa cin-nia suka / sa-yang e ca-bO: the woman I like / love But this could just be because the Penang Hokkien I speak is of a very colloquial register, of very influenced by English. Nn̄g is used especially in Taiwan and Singapore Hokkien, whereas Nō is commonly used in Penang and Medan Hokkien. My name is Timothy Tye. This list consists of 125 colloquial and uniquely Singaporean terms for your research, reference, mere entertainment or to fit in if you are a foreigner. I can even use this to learn English, so many words that I have never known e.g. sakya = wooden clogs. sansoy = a covering made of palm leaves fitted and sewn together, used by farmers as protection agaisnt rain To interact with other Penang Hokkien speakers, or to pick up words and expressions in Penang Hokkien, join the Learn Penang Hokkien Facebook Group. Know any more Singlish words and phrases to add on to the list? Learn Penang Hokkien Facebook Group 1.5 — the etymology of the term.. Back to the top. bakya = wooden clog. husi = cloth woven from silk thread or fibers. Penang Travel Tips Latest Updates. The ecology of Hokkien took some big hits starting in the 1960s, when nationalism swept through Southeast Asia. e.g. Taiwanese Hokkien is the Hokkien dialect of Min Nan as spoken by about 70 percent of the population of Taiwan.Other language variants/dialects are spoken in Taiwan as well. Edisi B. Melayu The Penang Hokkien Dictionary is an online dictionary that uses the Taiji Romanisation System.It lists words in Penang Hokkien with definitions in English (EN), Malay (BM), Hokkien written with Chinese characters (CN), Amoy Dialect referencing the 1883 MacGowan Dictionary of Amoy Dialect (AD), and Taiwanese Hokkien referencing the 2011 Ministry of Education R.O.C. Back to the top. There are a few variations of saying the number two in Hokkien. This software is written by Niaw de Leon under an MIT License using Laravel 5 and Bootstrap frameworks. 4. A. 小崑崙 siau2-khun1-lun5. lawlaw = dangling downward, loose. It even has Hokkien name for Alps i.e. I think Penang Hokkien wouldn't express these two in that way. bimpo = face towel. The following uses romanization based on Universal Phonetics. English-Hokkien Dictionary. Go to Memrise, and learn Penang Hokkien at your own pace. Another tough aspect of learning Hokkien is the sociolinguistics of it. 0–9. Nng-liap nng / 两粒蛋 / Two eggs e.g. As a rule, the better a word or structure corresponds to something in Mandarin, the more likely it is to show up in textbooks and dictionaries. Pronunciation guide [] Vowels [] Consonants [] Common diphthongs [] Phrase list [] Phoneticization []. hikaw = earrings. Nn̄g and Nō is used to count, whereas Jī is equivalent to the word "second". And vice versa. accoucheuse, addle, amerce, etc etc! Search. Hello and welcome to my website. The contents of the dictionary are from the Taiwanese-English Dictionary by Maryknoll Taiwan, which is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Taiwan License.