Several deep ravines and rim rock ledges, forming natural traffic lanes, break up the remainder of the area. This site IS NOT intended to help you EVADE border security or to cross into either the United States or Canada illegally. This project includes a 7000 m 2; Port Building, four separate Inspection Buildings, Inspection Booths and Site Developments. My main issue is the food. This location is staffed "on call" and requires this lead time for an Inspector to respond. In 1926, it became the Sector Headquarters until the headquarters was moved to Shelby, MT, in 1930. ... Border Crossing Into The USA at Sweetgrass Montana - Duration: 7:42. alwaysoffroad 57,269 views. Post 9-11, this sleepy, little border crossing was transformed into a U.S. fortress. It is the busiest port of entry in the state of Montana and serves as an important trade route between the US states along Interstate 15, the Canadian province of Alberta, and Mexico. The United States and Canada share an impressive building, and they have the best technology available. To confirm receipt, please call (406) 335-9630. The north I15 terminus is the Port of Sweetgrass. Box 10037 Nine Mile RoadSunburst, MT 59482Phone: (406) 937-8800Fax: (406) 937-8891. 2:25. These pages show problems such as roadway accidents, snow or ice, lane closures or blockages, construction, road restrictions, traffic problems, and roadwork around the border crossing. Depending on size and weight, receiving fees start at $2.00 for envelopes ranging up to $20.00 with most packages being $4.00. The Port Veterinary Medical Officer (VMO) or Animal Health Technician (AHT) or Program Assistant (PA) will be able to answer all their questions and ensure they have everything they need for a smooth import. Julian Samuel. It is the northern terminus of Interstate 15, an important route connecting western Canada, the western United States, and Mexico. The town gave its name to the Sweetgrass Arch, a series of oil fields that extends south to Sunburst. Sweet Grass (also Sweetgrass) is a census-designated place and unincorporated community in Toole County, Montana, United States, on the Canada–US border. The Coutts Sweetgrass border crossing consists of a single building that straddles the border between Coutts, Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana. When we are camping, we have a lot of food with us as we prepare a lot of our meals at the camper. Highway 4, Coutts, Alberta - Interstate 15, Sweetgrass, Montana Make sure your paperwork is in order . The port of entry between Coutts, Alta., and Sweet Grass, Mont., is one of the busiest on the Canada-United States border, an important crossing on a trade route starting in Mexico. Brokers for Area Port of Sweetgrass, Montana - 3310 . In April 2002, the Sweetgrass substation became a stand-alone station. The Sweetgrass–Coutts Border Crossing connects the town of Sweet Grass, Montana with the village of Coutts, Alberta, on the Canada–United States border. Search by Broker Name . Sweetgrass is easily the most traveled border crossing in the state with over 1,000 vehicles passing through daily. This port is open 24-hours each day, seven days per week. Watch fullscreen. The Sweetgrass – Coutts border crossing links the community of Sweet Grass, Montana to Coutts, Alberta. Check with port staff for the most current information.  The documentation for all personal vehicle exports via Idaho or Montana border crossing any of the borders in Idaho or Montana, you must fax or email all required documents to: Fax: (406) 432-5528 Email: A short drive from Glacier National Park, Great Falls, Montana, & the "Port of Sweet Grass" Canadian border crossing, our new RV park is located at the intersection of I-15 and US Hwy 2 in Shelby, Montana. The busiest ports of entry in Montana are Sweetgrass, Piegan, and Roosville. The Sweetgrass Border Patrol Station, located about seven miles south of the Sweetgrass Port of Entry, opened in a state-of-the-art, $26.5 million facility in July 2009. From a strategic standpoint the Sweetgrass, MT station is ideally located. Sweet Grass (also Sweetgrass) is an unincorporated community in Toole County, Montana, United States, on the Canada-US border. The border crossing is connected by Interstate 15 (I-15) and Alberta Highway 4. Broker Name . History and Area of ResponsibilityThe Sweetgrass Border Patrol station was established in 1924. Sweetgrass is a port of entry very near the Canadian border. It is the busiest port of entry for both the province of Alberta and state of Montana, and among the busiest west of the Great Lakes. Its northern boundary extends 59.5 miles along the International Boundary. The airstrip at Sweetgrass may not be available at some times due to weather or other conditions. The Sweetgrass / Coutts border crossing is the most heavily traveled port in Montana and is the only 24-hour commercial crossing between Montana and Alberta. Joining the towns of Sweetgrass in Montana, USA, with Coutts in Alberta, Canada, the Sweetgrass border crossing is the land border to have 24-hour access in Montana. Disclaimer. Log in. you could be held up for as much as three hours. . Sweet Grass is located on the Montana side of the Sweetgrass–Coutts Border Crossing, which connects it with Coutts, Alberta, on the Canada–United States border. Kyan Genie. Sweet Grass border crossing 2 of 2 - Duration: 10:14. pavelavietor1 1,359 views. The POE at Sweetgrass is the only twenty-four hour port in western Montana east of the Continental Divide. The documentation for all personal vehicle exports via Idaho or Montana border crossing any of the borders in Idaho or Montana, you must fax or email all required documents to: Fax: Pilots wishing to clear at Sweetgrass should make arrangements through the Sweetgrass Port of Entry by calling (406) 335-9610. It is the busiest port of entry in both the state of Montana and the province of Alberta, and is the location where Interstate 15 meets Alberta Highway 4. We have special pages showing all current road advisories for the State of Montana and the Province of Alberta. In addition, this route is equally important with access to the western United States and into Mexico.

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