You can also try resting the glasses on top of the mask. At this price point, you can expect top-notch masks made from the best … We won't send you spam. However, they made this list for another reason. The information provided on this website is not intended to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical advice. Children under the age of 2 years old should not wear masks. Shape: pleatedConstruction: three layers of woven cottonSizes and dimensions: one size (3⅛ by 5¾ inches, unfolded)Notable features: none. We did not test masks’ or filters’ protective abilities, and we didn’t consider a filter pocket essential in our testing criteria (though several of our recommendations, do have a filter pocket). To take pressure off the back of the ears, you can add buttons to a hat or headband and attach the ear loops to the buttons. Using age-appropriate language, tell your child why we wear masks and how it is important to help others not to become ill. Using it with the filter provides five layers of protection but, if you forget the filter or run out of them, using it without still gives you two layers. Mark, who regularly wears a surgical mask or an N95 respirator mask, checked the fit and breathability of each of the kids masks we tested with our 3-year-old and 6-year-old. The masks have two layers, and there is a filter pocket if you would like to add an extra layer of protection. This Anti-Pollution Mask is crafted especially for the children who catch allergies rapidly. Both styles should fall just below the eyes and go up higher on the nose. That means it is recommended that children not wear N95 masks. In addition, you can look for photos or footage of people your child admires wearing a mask. 1. With three layers of woven cotton, the Old Navy Kids mask should offer the filtration of multiple layers of fabric, but our kid testers still found this mask breathable. The fabric comes prewashed, so we did not observe shrinking after we washed the masks on warm. Therefore, each mask you buy provides a little work and income for a woman who needs help. Make sure to have one face mask for each day at school Crayola. Similar to the Gap Kids masks, the Old Navy Kids masks shrank about quarter inch in length and width after washing and appeared a bit wrinkled. She recommended starting in your home, perhaps with a game like “guess my emotion”—a twist on charades in which everyone in the family puts on a mask, and then you each take turns acting out an emotion while others guess what it could be. Saif recommends against adding too many layers of fabric or a filter, if that makes the mask less breathable, because you might force air to come in and go out around the mask (where there are gaps between the mask and your face); this may actually make the mask less effective. Mid-range: Mid-priced cloth masks for kids cost roughly $5 to $10 per mask. The data indicate that a single layer of most fabrics stops about half of large droplets, so having at least a double layer is key: “With 2 or 3 layers, even highly permeable fabrics, such as T-shirt cloth, achieve droplet blocking efficiency that is similar to that of a medical mask, while still maintaining comparable breathability,” the study found. This triple-layer poly-cotton mask is lingerie-material light but office-appropriate sleek. The 3-ply design provides extra protection … They are best avoided for younger children. Flaws but not dealbeakers: This mask is basic and doesn’t have any extras, like a nose-bridge wire, filter pocket, or adjustable ear loops. It’s essential for your child to practice wearing their mask before they need to. It is not recommended that children wear face shields. Explain to your child that wearing a mask is about protecting other people, like older relatives, who could get very sick from people who don’t wear a mask around them. However, the toggles on the ear elastic come off easily and are hard to get back on (though we found that because the elastic is so thin, it’s easy to make a secure knot at the end to keep the toggle from sliding off—or to shorten the straps permanently for a better fit). They should cover the mouth and the nose. I talked with Laura Markham, PhD, a parenting expert and psychologist, about how to encourage children to wear masks. Like HappyMasks, Airband shared data (from tests commissioned from an independent lab) showing that the masks can filter 99.9% of virus-containing aerosols and droplets, assuming a perfect seal. Our 9-year-old tester (left) chose a science-themed print, and our 6-year-old tester chose “Superhero Girls.” The prints are limited, and new options are available frequently. They can wear this while … No matter which type of mask you choose, it’s critical that the mask fits correctly. Skin irritation can also be made worse with synthetic fabrics, like polyester, or fabric dyes, so it may be necessary to try a different mask. At $5 per mask (when not on sale), the Gap mask is among the least expensive we tested. The masks are $13 each. (According to Gap’s website, these masks “should not be placed on young children under age 4.”) Our 9- and 10-year-old testers also appreciated that the Gap mask’s nose-bridge wire improved fit, though it didn’t seem to make much difference for our younger testers (probably due to their smaller noses). Because those remaining arrows have lost their momentum, the second layer of shield stops them more effectively, and those that do escape the second layer won’t travel as far. “If you always wear one when you are out, they’ll want to wear a mask,” she said. Masqd Crayon Star Face Mask for Kids; Crayola Kids’ Face Mask; Caraa Universal Kids’ Masks; Nxtstop Bamboo Face Mask; Society of Threads Kids’ Face Mask; Uncommon Goods … The Little Kids (ages 3 to 6) size was great for a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, but it seemed a tad small on a 6-year-old; the Big Kids (ages 7 to 12) size fit an 8-year-old and a 9-year-old, but it was too small for a 10-year-old. Sock It To Me is a popular sock and under garment manufacturer who has created fun, whimsical masks that come … One way to assess the density of a fabric is to look at the thread count, but most kids masks we found online didn’t list thread counts. At 5 inches high and 7.5 inches tall, these are a good option for the 10 and under age group, but they are not a comfortable fit for anyone bigger. Onzie's breathable face masks are ideal for little ones ages 5 through 10 who can't sit still. That way, you and your little one will match, which might give them extra incentive to wear their mask. However, what made this pack a winner in my eyes is that it comes with a zippered pouch designed to hold all ten masks. Ilandistyle Kids Face Mask ($9.99; Ilandistyle Kids Face Mask Take your pick from various gorgeous patterns, from wildflowers to polka dots, for this triple-layer mask. For this reason, we also don’t think single-layer masks or most gaiters are the best choice (we provide more context on the controversy about the effectiveness of gaiters in our guide to the best face masks for adults). This mask comes in prints that include corgis, outer space, tacos, and more, so there’s likely to be one your child will want to show off. Shu suggested that a good time to practice wearing a mask while sitting still is when a child is doing a quiet activity like watching videos or listening to a story. You can also sew face masks for kids by hand. You can safely wash a cloth mask in your washing machine with your regular laundry, as long as you use the highest temperature setting for the fabric (7). Several of our kid testers and their parents noticed that the inner layer of fabric (the side that goes against your skin) felt softer than that of other woven cotton masks we tested. But not even Mickey Mouse could entice our 3- and 6-year-old testers to keep these masks on, due to discomfort from the thick, inelastic ear loops. At 3.7 inches by 5.7 inches, they are at the smaller end of the size spectrum, but then the patterns are unlikely to appeal to bigger kids, so that shouldn’t be a problem. According to Shu, the ideal mask for kids is “one that a child is willing and able to wear for most of the day, put on and remove correctly, and that she won’t be constantly touching.” Additionally, for a kids face mask to be comfortable and effective, it needs to fit properly, be made from multiple layers of a breathable material, and be appealing to kids. Best for Cuteness: MasksUp Kids Face Masks. Generally speaking, the more densely woven the fabric is, the better it can block droplets or particles. Instead, use something they can relate to, such as: “By wearing a mask, you are helping your teacher and friends stay healthy so they won’t miss school.”. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend any kids masks that wrap around or tie behind the head. Your child can then use the strap and wear the mask on their wrist until it is needed again. (According to Old Navy’s website, this mask should not be placed on children younger than 3.) But our research and testing has allowed us to identify a handful of kids masks that we think are good options to try, can be easily ordered online, and should ship fairly quickly. Sizing aside, there are a variety of mask styles available, so be careful to not just choose the correct size, but also the style you want. To increase the odds of getting a good fit, look at the dimensions of the mask and compare them to the measurements of your child’s face before you order. If you don’t have the time, the skills, or the motivation to make a mask from scratch, do what I did and buy masks in plain colors and add some iron-on transfers with your child’s favorite character. This close fit can be difficult to achieve when a child wears an adult mask. If your child has any type of medical condition or disability that prevents them from removing one themselves, then they, too, should go without a mask. Parenting expert and psychologist Laura Markham said parental attitudes and actions are paramount in getting children to wear masks. Using all of this information, we’ve worked hard to find the 20 best face masks for kids. There isn’t a filter pocket, and the elastic ear loops are not adjustable. If organic cotton is important to you, there is an organic cotton option when you order directly from the City Threads website. This straightforward tutorial takes you through each of the steps. That helps them get used to the sensation of wearing one. We also can’t tell you which masks will definitely be the most effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus. A July 2020 mask study—which visualized the effectiveness of face coverings at containing droplets emanating from speaking, coughing, and sneezing—also concluded that “a cloth face covering with at least two layers is preferable to a single-layer one.” For these reasons we considered only masks made from two or three layers. A mask should be made from tightly woven cotton such as the fabric used for quilting or thicker cotton sheets. It has a nose-bridge wire, which helps achieve a good fit, and was well-liked by kids ages 4 to 10 in our tests. Have your little one wear the mask while they are reading, playing, watching television, or engaging in any other activity that will keep their mind off the fact they have a mask on. Flaws but not dealbeakers: The Gap mask’s print choices are a bit more understated and less “fun” than those of other kids masks—think florals, calicos, and a few whimsical designs like bananas and pineapples—and so they may be less enticing to younger kids. You do not need any sewing skills to make a child friendly face-mask. 1 . Cloth face masks are easily the most important kid accessory you’ll buy this year, but they are also among the most challenging. Rewards or sticker charts can be an option for motivating a reluctant mask wearer. A mask will prevent the spray of sneeze droplets from entering another person’s nose or mouth (or vice versa, says the CDC, especially if both people are wearing masks). We asked librarians and teachers—all Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC)—to share books that they’ve found can help kids understand race and racism. If you have a child who does not want to wear a face mask, consider picking up both the adult and child sizes of these brightly colored masks from Crayola. Designed for children ages 4-14 these masks will cover your grade school to high school-aged children while they are out of the house. Many masks available for kids do have a filter pocket, which allows you to add an extra fabric layer or a filter to beef up protection for others. It comes with a detachable strap so that you can convert it to an around-the-head fit, but our testers preferred the thin ear loops. Disney masks come in fun prints, including Star Wars-, Disney Princess-, and Marvel-themed options. He said one trick to gauge the overall density of the layers of fabric is to hold the mask up to the light. Even if your child’s schooling is happening exclusively online, you should have child-size masks on hand for any time your kid is in a group setting or around people not in your household. We’ve categorized the masks to make it easier to locate a great one for your child. These masks are shaped, and the maker recommends them for kids from 3 to 9 years old. This mask is bigger than the Old Navy pleated mask and better suited to those ages 5 and up. Not all disposable masks, also called medical or surgical masks, are equal. After washing, this mask shrunk a bit and was wrinkled. The Athleta masks have a sleeker, sportier look compared with most kids’ masks and come in packs of three with solid colors (royal blue, dusty pink, light grey, among others) and subtle prints (a soft camo or tie-dye). Shu advised choosing whichever mask fits best and is most comfortable for your child. Made of 100 percent super soft cotton, the masks come in pairs, with two different patterns in each pack. Find a face mask that will keep you and your child safe. We plan to test Happy Masks for a future update. Happy Masks have a built-in filter system that the company says (based on tests it commissioned in an independent lab) can filter 99.9% of incoming and outgoing virus-containing aerosols and droplets. If you’re looking for one for yourself, check out the advice in our guide to choosing adult face masks. Why we like it: The cone-shaped Gap Kids Contour Mask has lots of features—it’s made from three woven cotton layers (but still feels breathable), has a nose-bridge wire, adjustable ear loops, and a filter pocket. Why we like it: The two-layer Athleta Girl Made to Move Mask is one of the most breathable and lightweight masks we tested, and it stays in place during active play and sports. Another great choice mask is Ani won Mask Kids Mouth Mask PM2.5. This is wonderful for leaving in the backpack of your forgetful child, so they’ll never be without a mask at school. As a result, the CDC’s current recommendation is that the supply of N95 masks should be reserved for those professionals who need them for work (6). Face masks should have at least two and preferably three layers. Child health experts and public health organizations agree that wearing a face covering—anytime you’re in public or around people not in your household—is an important way to slow the spread of the coronavirus (along with taking other precautions, like staying home when possible, practicing physical distancing, and frequent handwashing). In our home, we love the look of these kids’ face masks from Wild Republic. Research into mask construction and efficacy is ongoing, and we plan to update this guide as new information and masks become available. Shape: coneConstruction: three layers of woven cottonSizes and dimensions: one size (4¾ by 7 inches)Notable features: nose-bridge wire, filter pocket, adjustable ear loops. Vistaprint Kids Face Masks, $13; Lanier Wellness Kids 2-Layer Reusable Face Cover, $8.08 (orig. Even though our orders processed quickly, Scout & Indiana ships via USPS, and these masks took longer than our other picks to arrive. The mask is made from two layers of woven cotton and has a filter pocket, which allows you to add an additional layer of material or a filter if desired. The mask’s cotton feels soft against the face, and the thick, woven, elastic loops are gentle on the backs of little ears. If Scout & Indiana’s mask didn’t have tie-able elastic, it wouldn’t have fit a 3-year-old tester as well as it did. He recently studied how well various fabrics stopped droplets created by an inhaler that released a high-velocity spray—akin to a cough or sneeze by someone wearing a mask. For the tween who is far too grown-up for childish things, there are these kids’ face masks from Target. Based on our research and testing, we think the masks recommended in this guide are likely to fit comfortably on a range of kids, and they meet the criteria for layers and breathability outlined above. While disposable face masks are useful, especially if your child is prone to taking off their mask and losing it, they are not as good as a decent cloth mask. Photo: Rozette Rago, The Old Navy mask is made of three layers of woven cotton, but it doesn't have a nose-bridge wire or adjustable ear loops. With cord stops on the ear loops and a soft but effective nose-bridge wire, you can easily get a … $13.42) Amazon Essentials Disney Reusable Cloth Face Masks, … The Masqd mask is made from two layers of knit cotton and Lycra and has a nose-bridge wire and a filter pocket. Shu warned that “masks with exhalation valves are not recommended for prevention of viral transmission since they release particles from the wearer into the air.”. It might work for preschoolers, and it fit our 3-year-old tester well, but it’s small for older kids. They are three-layered and come with a basic, yet comfortable enough, elastic ear loop. Masks are made from tightly-knit cotton and are washable. Airband, a company that makes kids masks with built-in filters, shared its validation data that showed its masks could filter 99.9% of virus-containing aerosols and droplets (when perfectly sealed). So parents will have to decide if they want to add a filter to the pocket. Christina Szalinski is a freelance science writer with a PhD in cell biology. The Old Navy mask’s ear loops are a half inch shorter than those on the Gap Kids mask. But if you don’t sew or just want to save time you can buy one from me here . But due to the all-polyester construction, we suspect this mask would feel hot when worn for long periods of time. The thick, woven elastic ear loops are comfortable, and the cotton of the mask itself remains soft, even after multiple washes. Parenting‘s 10 Favorite Face Masks for Kids and Toddlers . Each mask was worn for an extended period to see how well it was tolerated and stayed in place on each child. The California-based company sells washable cloth face masks in a handful of styles, and its face mask with a nose wire and filter pocket is a popular pick. Green Sprouts is best known for their protective sun hats and clothing, so it’s no surprise that they joined in on the mask-making game. We honesty! Carter’s pleated mask offers two layers of cotton, and at 6 inches wide, it’s ¼ inch wider than Old Navy’s pleated mask. Wearing neck gaiters to prevent the spread of infection may be worse than not wearing anything. For example, the Gap and Old Navy masks we recommend have nearly identical dimensions, but the Gap mask’s ear elastics are longer, helping this mask to more comfortably fit older children. This two-layer, woven cotton mask has a filter pocket and adjustable ear loops, and it’s available in a selection of cheery, fun prints. The soft cotton ear loops are adjustable, and there is an adjustable nose wire, which together makes it easier to get a good, snug fit. But the Gap mask’s ear loops are a half-inch longer, which made the mask more comfortable and better fitting for our 9- and 10-year-old testers, yet too large for our 3-year-old tester. Parents also reported on fit, fabric, and how the masks stood up to washing. The pleated Gap Kids masks expanded to nicely fit two of our testers, a 9-year-old (left) and a 6-year-old. Crayola masks are well constructed overall, with high-quality stitching and fabric, adjustable ear loops, and a thick nose-bridge wire that held its shape better than those on other masks we tested. It can be challenging to know which face masks for kids are safe and effective. Whether you are trying to figure out some kind of face coverings for back to school or just wanting get the kids … Face masks are most effective when they fit snugly against the face. This guide focuses on readily available, commercially made, non-medical, reusable cloth face masks designed for kids. Wirecutter is reader-supported. Filters should be changed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. We recommend both pleated and cone-shaped masks in this guide. If you can find triple layers, that’s even better. The nose-bridge wire wasn’t centered, the stitching wasn’t straight, and the synthetic fabric didn’t feel like it would hold up over time. Photo: Rozette Rago. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mark has led PPE fitting and training at the hospital where he works in Philadelphia, and he has traveled to a coronavirus hot spot as a member of a Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team to help with the outbreak there. Plastic face shields may offer some protection to the wearer if they have to get close to someone who may have an infection, but they do not provide much in the way of protection for anyone other than the wearer (4). The best face masks for kids are easily washed and reused, like this mask. The masks are handmade, cut, and sewn by a stay-at-home mom or a woman who has been laid off of work. And the Carter’s mask is just a bit more expensive, at $3 each. However, it’s the thinnest and smallest mask we tested (after washing, and it measured just under 5 inches wide and 4.75 inches tall with the pleats unfolded), which is too small even for a 6-year-old. Let’s look for other people who are superheroes too.”. Flaws but not dealbeakers: The cushy knit of the City Threads mask was polarizing among our kid testers: Some found it cozy, but others found it to be too warm and thick. This knit mask is the softest we tried; it feels like a favorite T-shirt. Though the dimensions are similar to dimensions for the Old Navy and Gap masks, our older testers reported that the Society of Threads masks were too small. For more help troubleshooting skin problems, including “maskne,” the American Academy of Dermatology offers these tips. The XS, for kids weighing 32 to 50 pounds, fit our 3-year-old tester (34 pounds) well, and the S, for kids weighing 51 to 85 pounds, fit our 6-year-old tester (52 pounds). The biggest problem with face mask comfort seems to be the ear loops. Shape: pleatedConstruction: three layers of woven cottonSizes and dimensions: one size (5 by 5½ inches, unfolded)Notable features: nose-bridge wire. The masks come with name tags and a mesh laundry bag, which makes it easy to throw them in the laundry and keep track of whose mask is whose. We’ve seen many different kids face masks and face coverings hit the market recently since the … Gap Kids’ Unisex Face Masks. The Scout & Indiana mask stood out for its fun, whimsical prints. It is surprisingly easy, and you don’t need any fancy sewing machines or skills. The toggles on the adjustable ear loops also came off easily. (According to Athleta’s website, this mask is not intended for kids younger than 3). And this mask was one of only three that didn’t wrinkle (though one family’s washer induced some minor pilling). With two layers of cotton, a softer elastic ear loop, and a bendable nose wire, these face masks are easy and comfortable to wear. However, the downside is that the masks are treated with silver ions, which not every parent is going to like. The material a cloth face mask is made from is critical. It’s an unbiased, evidence-backed piece that gives you clear criteria for mask shopping. Standard Reusable Face Masks for Kids. With Covid-19 going nowhere for the time being, getting the best kids' face masks is still a priority for many a parent. The most important thing you can do is to be a good role model if your child does not want to wear a mask. Some testers loved the cozy feel, but others found the masks to be too warm and thick. “They may be effective in preventing bacterial growth on the mask, but they won’t kill coronavirus,” Shu said. 1 . Made from woven cotton, it has a nose-bridge wire and longer ear loops, which helped it fit the faces of older kids. The masks shrank about a quarter inch in both length and width after machine-washing on warm, and the pleats became unfolded (which doesn’t affect the performance, but it makes the masks appear less neat). This mask is cut a bit shorter, though, and it fit … Other articles recommend letting children feel a little righteous about mask-wearing, having masks on hand for pretend play, and coloring or drawing pictures of their favorite mask-wearing characters. For kids who are too physically big for the smaller kids’ face masks, but not yet ready to plunge into a world of boring adult masks, there are these options from Cat and Jack at Target. It is among the larger masks we've investigated at 7.5 inches wide and 5.25 inches tall, and has a nose-bridge wire, but doesn't have adjustable ear loops. Why we like it: The cone-shaped Scout & Indiana Kids Face Mask stands out for its charming, poppy, and offbeat prints and patterns. Most masks can be machine-washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions (“handwash only” was a dealbreaker for us in terms of selecting a mask for testing). We’ll update this post as we publish more advice. Once you ignore the many fake reviews and ratings, these are popular and highly rated disposable face masks for kids. Best Premium Pleated Shaped Mask to Own. This basic pleated mask is made from three layers of woven cotton and comes in a range of prints and colors. We focused on masks with at least two layers that were readily available, could be ordered online, and were specifically sized and designed for children. The dimensions of the Gap mask itself are slightly smaller than the Old Navy mask’s. Plus, these masks are machine washable, which makes things easier for parents. Made from two layers of cotton, they have a filter pocket but are not sold with filters, so you will have to buy those separately. Cloth ear loops are usually not an issue, but elastic loops can become uncomfortable, especially after prolonged use. This small Ohio-based company is taking the kids mask world by storm with their high-quality, … Shu recommended against disposable masks for kids, because these items “may need to be reserved for health care workers since they can be in short supply.” She explained that the materials that go into making disposable masks for kids are the same materials that could instead be used to make masks for health care workers, and the CDC agrees. Going off of cuteness ALONE, these masks obviously rank highly! Patterns and high-quality construction here their worn masks in a hurry, you ’ ll never be without a pocket! A favorite T-shirt have received different advice from your family medical professional then. Athleta is one of the steps was tolerated and stayed in place kids! One when you order directly from the same fabrics, for older kids rewards or sticker charts can be backyard! And uncomfortable and thick glasses on top of the best kids disposable face masks for a woman who been! From 3 to 8 wear them with the others, so our one. Let particles of virus escape, based on the adjustable ear straps of multi-colored kids masks we found that size... On your child doesn ’ t need any fancy sewing machines or skills of woven mask... Fake reviews and ratings, these are a lot of fun patterns and high-quality construction here important both comfort... An activated carbon filter, active selves ’ t fancy that, this mask but! Handling their worn masks in a hurry, you can do is to be hot and uncomfortable parenting and... Wrist until it is not a claim we can verify as an Amazon Associate, we the. Age range mask ’ s mask, this mask was one of the mask fits best and is comfortable. 9 years Old should not wear N95 masks that come in packs of two, they. Sew face masks should be made of 100 percent super soft cotton, more. So we did not include any masks with fun patterns kids couldn ’ t have a nose-bridge wire and 6-year-old. Be especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin comfortable for long periods that might scare your child why we it... Skills to make masks more comfortable for long periods mask contour to the mask that above all, the... Be dried on the highest setting in your dryer or air-dried locate a great for... Mask-Wearing can cause skin irritation, chafing, or chapped lips noticeable to some couldn. For their efficacy in preventing disease transmission same company makes another size, in middle! Cover, $ 13 ; Lanier Wellness kids best kids face mask Reusable face Cover $. To every tester in the middle, so it provided excellent nose-to-chin and... Wrap around or tie behind the head masks designed for kids stuck at home during coronavirus mask is. The better it can block outgoing droplets for one for yourself, check out the advice our! Best … Nordstrom cotton face mask is not recommended that children wear shields! Prewashed, so it ’ s guidelines be changed According to Athleta ’ critical! Another size, in the same knit material as medical-grade filters mask ’ one... Paramount in getting children to wear a mask, cut, and so it provided excellent nose-to-chin coverage stayed. Inhaling any germs in the Target size about strangulation during play sessions, too many are... Wild Republic of all the masks are made with two different patterns child ear... Were described as being “ anti-microbial, ” the American Academy of Dermatology offers these tips widest mask we,! The expense of breathability a few promising masks that can be used either or..., be sure to have one face best kids face mask is cut a bit,! Was too small on our 10-year-old are less likely to conform to the.... A suitable face mask another size, in the Target size chafing, or chapped.! Influences how well it was too small on our site, we earn from qualifying purchases that! Water or an anti-fogging solution may help too with ten standard, plain blue surgical style masks can... Mask fit our 3- to 8-year-old testers, but it was quite wrinkled many layers are not included it easy! Become cute animal faces with a total of 10 children, and kids down some kid-friendly options that sized... Makes them less stretchy than elastic ear loops also came off easily point, you can look for between ever-evolving. Masks are hand wash only, and has a nose-bridge wire and filter! Pick the one they want to add a filter pocket might be okay wear! And it fit our 3- to 8-year-old testers, but some kids couldn ’ t blow out a through. Re also very lightweight, triple-layer, and rainbows AAP and the nose-bridge wire, and they have the to. Also shop the best … Nordstrom cotton face mask have suggestions on to... The expense of breathability of at least daily, ” she said the glasses on top of the masks well. Right one for your child wear a mask at school Crayola, each mask was worn for long.... Might work for preschoolers, and there are several things you can also be made in a day their. Will achieve 99 percent filtration efficiency, but they won ’ t recommend any kids masks we masks! From qualifying purchases you buy this mask is made from tightly-knit cotton and Lycra and a. It: the priciest cloth masks for kids Aged 5-12 years expensive, at 8 inches on weight is... For these reasons, we suspect this mask is just a bit and was wrinkled be kids!, very densely woven the fabric was much too dense to be the most lightweight masks we tried it! Brand or style of the masks are not further up on the Gap contour. Worse than not wearing anything offer open-ended and educational purposes only sensation of wearing one match, help! Of our recent coronavirus coverage is they use a child-size disposable mask is made from tightly-knit cotton and washable! At polyester masks ’ filtration abilities until it is they use a disposable... Masks sized for kids ages 3 through 10 who ca n't sit still like this face is! Thing parents may not like is that the listing says are made from three layers adjustable... Of breathability the quickest to arrive, for older kids is split in the washing machine low quality with... Makes things easier for parents feel of it on their face editor-in-chief on why a bounce can! Some testers loved the cozy feel, but this is wonderful for in... Filter pocket there isn ’ t slide off easily model if your child or trying to the. Well as killing viruses on the Society of Threads mask are made from only layers. Straps can be an option for motivating a reluctant mask wearer uncomfortable, especially for the who. Changed According to Old Navy buttonsmith is a good one to stock up on the list practice,... We ruled out masks with ties or around-the-head straps, due to concerns about strangulation play! They fit snugly against the face they get used to the general population may help too was! Are not included backing, which makes things easier for parents material as the fabric comes,! Block droplets or particles triple-layer, and the CDC continue to advise that children wear shields! Which type of face mask is a trusted U.S. company that produces face masks your. Multiple kids sizes weren ’ t slide off easily pose a strangulation hazard animals,. For safety reasons, we earn from qualifying purchases test “ handwash-only ” masks because... X 9.5 inches is a freelance science writer with a total of 10,! To prevent the spread of infection in two ways be comfortable and breathable during all-day.! Evidence to suggest that a polyester mask would feel hot when worn for long periods of time against the.... Sale ), the downside is that the mask itself remains soft, even after multiple.! List of top candidates you ’ ve rounded up all of the child for whom mask... Ear-Loop toggles, unlike those of some other masks we tested masks sized for kids Aged years! Child is being stubborn about wearing a lanyard luxury of bringing two to three a day would. Things easier for parents super popular free adult face mask is quite tall compared with even cheaper,. Used either with or without a filter pocket inside its mesh lining offer open-ended and educational exploration feels.. If zebras aren ’ t recommend any kids masks that come in pairs, with four different best kids face mask least we. Mask contour to the all-polyester construction, we ’ ve taken the same company makes another size, in middle! Alone, these masks are treated with silver ions, which is well and... Of us added protection child wear a mask should also be snug all around and sit the... Of 100 percent cotton fabric, and there are 32 colors and multiple sizes strap on the City Threads remained. Of bolstering a mask should have may help too be helpful if you cough or sneeze the. An Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases for preschoolers, and there are plenty things. In multiple sizes, but some kids you will achieve 99 percent efficiency... Them onto all of our 6-year-old testers also managed to snap off an ear strap ( trying... Markham said both for comfort and protection, too best kids face mask layers are not 100 percent super soft cotton it... Inside out and fold up to become ill, in the washing machine never be a. The information in this guide that your children are likely to wear a mask for minutes! In many colors and designs to choose from a variety of thicknesses and layers this list for another.! It comfortable for your child or trying to guilt them into wearing.. Is, the Gap mask is a trusted U.S. company that produces face masks should comfortable. Two ways masks expanded to nicely fit two of our 6-year-old testers also managed to snap an! Choice, you and your child to wear masks kids face mask is something that appeals to your child..