8. Word Forms. birds. Translations of the word THRUSH from english to norwegian and examples of the use of "THRUSH" in a sentence with their translations: What 's thrush , pop? It may be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but can usually be treated with medication available from pharmacies or on prescription from your GP. A little farther along was an elusive male Blue Rock Thrush and a noisy group of about twenty Common Waxbills. She had come from the home of the wood thrush, where hermit and veery were unknown. They come from … Most people chose this as the best definition of thrushes: Plural form of thrush.... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thrush | Thrush Sentence But no thrush did she see. It's usually harmless but it can be uncomfortable and keep coming back. Add thesaurus 100. Sentence with the word thrush. Learn more.. If it’s left untreated, it can become a severe and even life-threatening condition. An infectious disease, caused by the fungus Candida albicans, characterized by small whitish eruptions on the mouth, throat, and tongue, and sometimes accompanied by fever, colic, and diarrhea. Portuguese Translation of “thrush” | The official Collins English-Portuguese Dictionary online. In some years, irruptions of other thrush species occur, perhaps with the onset of unusually cool weather in southwest China. thrush species occur, perhaps with the onset of unusually cool weather in southwest China. If convicted, Thrush faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for each of the ten counts of failing to pay over payroll taxes, and a maximum sentence of one … The Wood Thrush lives in the eastern states and the southeastern parts of Canada. Esophageal thrush can be painful. Showing page 1. Your doctor may recommend antifungal medication. 186. Q. Oregano oil is used to flavor foods, but it also has antimicrobial and antifungal abilities. thrush definition: 1. a brown bird with a pale breast with spots on it that is known for its singing 2. an infection…. Top definition is 'Any one of numerous species of singing birds more or less resembling the true thrushes in appearance or habits; as the thunderbird and the American brown thrush (or thrasher). Other causes of bladder infections include parasites such as schistosomiasis, and fungi such as candida, which causes thrush. Examples of thrush in a sentence Add a sentence Cancel. About 201 results found using 'THRUSH'. definitions. Top Answer. Sentences. Rhymes Lyrics and poems Near rhymes Synonyms / Related Phrases [Mentions] Descriptive words Definitions Similar sound Same consonants 1. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. albicans is normally present in the mouth, digestive tract, and skin of most healthy people.The immune system and the body's normal bacteria usually keep Candida in balance. Song thrush definition is - an Old World thrush (Turdus philomelos of the family Turdidae) that is largely brown above with brown-spotted white underparts —called also mavis, throstle. As early as three months of age, however, the SCID child begins to suffer from mouth infections (thrush), chronic diarrhea, otitis media, and pulmonary infections, including pneumocystis pneumonia. However, after the blackbirds had dispersed survival improved, whilst song thrush numbers continued to decline markedly. Definition of thrush (Entry 1 of 2) : any of numerous small or medium-sized birds of an oscine family (Turdidae, the thrush family) or in some classifications a subfamily (Turdinae of the family Muscicapidae) which are mostly of a plain color often with spotted underparts and many of which are excellent singers How to use thrush in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word thrush? The thrush is represented by a number of species, one of which, the sabia (Mimus), has become the popular song-bird of Brazil through a poem written by Gonsalves Dias. thrush family are well-known for their fondness for berries. a member of the PASSERINE genus Turdus. Any of several species of songbirds of the family Turdidae, often with spotted underbellies … Need synonyms for thrush? The thrush had made its nest in the elm tree. Sri Lanka Bush Warbler Only seen at the whistling thrush pool on Horton Plains mornings of 26th and 27th Sept 145. Log in. antonyms. The thrush list of example sentences with thrush. Listen to the audio pronunciation in the Cambridge English Dictionary. Example Sentences. Example sentences with "Gulf of Guinea Thrush", translation memory. Thrush is most often seen in infants, children, and people with impaired immune systems. Again our thrush discovered that he was not alone. The tit family, chaffinch, blackbird, and thrush are other common birds. See more. The smallest thrush may be the forest rock thrush, at 21 g (0.74 oz) and 14.5 cm (5.7 in).However, the shortwings, which have ambiguous alliances with both thrushes and Old World flycatchers, can be even smaller. Thrushes are plump, soft-plumaged, small to medium-sized birds, inhabiting wooded areas, and often feeding on the ground. Pronounce word 150. But without it, cryptococcal meningitis and oral thrush are the painful fates awaiting many people infected with HIV. This description could match many different species of thrush throughout the world, including several types of Robins. Some babies develop thrush, which is a type of yeast infection in the mouth. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Contexts . A thrush alighted on a branch of the pine tree: 2. thrush typically produces white spots on the palate: 3. thrush thrush is caused by a yeast infection: 4. Copyright © 2016 sentencedict.com All Rights Reserved Contact. You are not logged in.. A thrush is a fairly small bird with a brown back and a spotted breast. … 60. Oregano oil. Source: 'Daily Use'. thrush / examples. Thrushes are known for their loud, musical songs. Others, like the song thrush, migrate to warmer areas. 2. uncountable noun Thrush is a medical condition caused by a fungus. An infectious disease, caused by the fungus Candida albicans, characterized by small whitish eruptions on the mouth, throat, and tongue, and sometimes accompanied by fever, colic, and diarrhea. You may have thrush, chlamydia or herpes, which may not show in your sample. Besides other varieties of strep organisms, these organisms may include Candida albicans, which can cause thrush; Corynebacterium diphtheriae, which can cause diphtheria; and Bordetella pertussis, which can cause whooping cough. The condition is also known as esophageal candidiasis. night sweats and thrush all over his body. The thrush subfamily includes the chats, robins, bluebirds, blackbirds, nightingales, redstarts, and wheatears thrush in a sentence - 18 Lists. There is a lot more to it than just removing the slime, esp if thrush or anyhting is a regular occurance. 54. Subfamily Turdinae (the thrush subfamily), family Muscicapidae: many genera, in particular Turdus, and numerous species. Tea Tree oil can be used to treat thrush during pregnancy. The hermit thrush, veery, song sparrow, red-eyed vireo, bunting, warbler and wren are among the song birds of the forests. ‘Vaginal thrush can be passed on by having sexual intercourse with a partner who has a candida infection.’ ‘For recurrent vaginal thrush, the doctor may prescribe a drug to be taken orally, such as fluconazole.’ ‘Yeast infections such as thrush affect circumcised and uncircumcised men equally.’ The song thrush will be helped by the increase in scrub and hedgerow habitats. Candida albicans is a yeast causing candidiasis or " thrush " in humans. Sentence examples for thrush from inspiring English sources. Esophageal thrush is a yeast infection of the esophagus. galerites), a thrush, and some birds of prey also occur in Chile. (open, save, copy) orlandosentinel.com. Check if you have thrush Thrush symptoms in women. Then, there are the two most northern species, the Gray-cheeked Thrush, who has a range across all of northern Canada and the Varied Thrush, with a range from Alaska into the southern Rockies. song thrush will be helped by the increase in scrub and hedgerow habitats. Thrush outbreaks, while uncomfortable, do not cause any long-term health issues. Add a comment 10. Candida is a normal organism in your mouth, but sometimes it can overgrow and cause symptoms.Oral thrush causes creamy white lesions, usually on your tongue or inner cheeks. In winter I have seen flocks of fieldfare, redwing and mistle thrush plus the usual jackdaws, rooks, starlings and seasonal swallows. A fungal infection of any of the Candida (yeast) species. Birds such as varied thrushes and chickadees live on Humbug Mountain. They can also appear on the roof of … She also knew the baby had thrush and a diaper rash and was trying to treat him. Thrush produces a foul smelling black discharge in the affected sulcus of the frog. 2. melastome tree as a Yellow-legged Thrush fed clumsily next to it. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. I also had superb views of female blue rock thrush and several rock bunting. Check your baby's mouth for white patches that signal thrush, a candida infection of the baby's mouth. My asthma medication is causing thrush in my mouth Last update: 15 February 2005 QUESTION I take medication for asthma. Canker: 1. Identify the sound effects and devices in Thomas Hardy’s “The Darkling Thrush” and discuss how they help to present the theme. [Middle English thrushe, from Old English thrysce.] Human bathers, too, risk viral hepatitis, skin reactions and oral, 19. Candidiasis can affect the skin, nails, and mucous membranes throughout the body including the mouth (thrush), esophagus, vagina (yeast infection), intestines, and lungs. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. 26 35 Oral thrush — also called oral candidiasis (kan-dih-DIE-uh-sis) — is a condition in which the fungus Candida albicans accumulates on the lining of your mouth. thrush meaning: 1. a brown bird with a pale breast with spots on it that is known for its singing 2. an infection…. There is one trogon - green and crimson, a brightly coloured ground thrush (Pitta), numerous woodpeckers and barbets; glossy starlings, the black and white African crow and a great variety of brilliantly coloured weaver birds, waxbills, shrikes and sun-birds. : Other birds to benefit nationally include song thrushes, red kites, skylarks and nightjars. While the poet develops the words into sentences that can go on and take up to four lines, with a full stop, each stanza is closed. What is another word for thrush? Learn more. Highlights included austral Thrush, Austral Parakeet, Fire eyed Diucon and Chilean Swallow. gargle for sore throats, and of the bark and leaves for thrush. thrush 2 (thrŭsh) n. 1. Like robins, bluebirds belong to the thrush family and are quite gregarious songbirds. Add word 100. Also I think I have thrush - well at least I hope its just thrush. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. — Jacopo Benini, National Geographic, "Italy and Malta are hotbeds of songbird poaching. The exposed rocks of road cuttings sometimes support the Blue Rock Thrush, a winter visitor. We saw a darker thrush partly hidden in tall grass which hopped out of view. … Thrush occurs in approximately 2-5 percent of healthy newborns and occurs in a slightly higher percentage of infants during their first year of life. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. Ella's lively interest in Harold Shoosmith was shared by the rest of, 30. Vaginal thrush, also known as vulvovaginal candidiasis or vaginal fungal infection, is caused by a fungus called Candida.Though Candida is normally found in your vagina, it can become overgrown and overwhelm the other bacteria and organisms in your vagina, leading to vaginal thrush. harlequin. In a chestnut wood we added some more familiar birds: European Robin, Winter Wren, Song Thrush and Eurasian bullfinch. 74. The song-birds are well represented in the hermit thrush, wood thrush, Wilson's thrush (or veery), brown thrasher, robin, blue bird, bobolink, meadow lark, gold finch, &c. Among the game birds are the ruffed grouse (partridge), quail, prairie hen and wild turkey. Found 0 sentences matching phrase "Gulf of Guinea Thrush".Found in 1 ms. From a medical perspective, it is not entirely clear what makes some women more prone to vaginal yeast infections, also known as Candida or thrush. Thrush, a fungal infection of the mouth, happens most often to toddlers and children but can affect anyone. In women, recurrent vaginal thrush may be a symptom of diabetes. synonyms. ing, thrusts v.tr. Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects men and women. Fungi in the family Candida cause esophageal thrush. warbler, olive-backed thrush, three-toed woodpecker, spruce grouse, and Canada jay; within this zone in the North-eastern states are a few moose and caribou, but farther north these animals are more characteristic of the Hudsonian zone. '. 35 36 37. Spent 1 ½ hours at the pool but still no sign of the whistling thrush. Thrush is caused by an overgrowth of yeast known as Candida albicans. It is possible that Tolkien’s thrush is intended to be a member of the Common Blackbird species. They re usually found on your tongue or inner cheeks. Thrush is most often seen in infants, children, and people with impaired immune systems. Of birds very few are indigenous; the jackdaw, blue solitary thrush, spectacled warbler, the robin, kestrel and the herring-gull. thrush pool on Horton Plains mornings of 26th and 27th Sept 145. Plastic linings can trap moisture against your nipple and increase the chance of getting thrush. Be it a duck, a sparrow, a linnet or a. About 102 results found using 'A THRUSH'. Then her immune system, crushed by Aids, fell to a wild angry, 25. Learn more. Ask Login. Be quiet, or you'll scare the thrush. Characteristics. Among other additions he has sketched in a thrush, playing on a Brus publication with this title ( German Drossel ) dating from the time of his Berlin exile in the 1970s – in 1968 he fled from Austria, where he had been sentenced to several years of imprisonment following an actionist presentation. Healthy adults and children. ferruginous. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. Your guinea 's mouth may then become infected with oral thrush. It is characterized by white patches on a red, moist inflamed surface, occurring anywhere in the mouth, including the tongue, but usually on the inner cheeks, occasionally accompanied by pain and fever. Over 100,000 Portuguese translations of English words and phrases. A Malabar Whistling Thrush was out in the open as we approached the spring, but a party of Grey-headed bulbuls was more elusive. Add collection 200. Sentence Examples. Definition of thrush noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Word, phrase, or sentence: New: You can type any word, phrase, or sentence into box above to find relevant quotes and lyrics in this tab. noun. The resultant horizontal thrust in any direction is obtained by drawing parallel horizontal lines round the boundary, and intersecting a plane perpendicular to their direction in a plane curve; and then investigating the thrust on this plane area, which will be the same as on the curved surface. Thanks for contributing . One early thrush gave me a note or two as I drove along the woodland path. thrush should be in sentence. The article implies that the practice of keeping the Song Thrush in cages is illegal; this needs to be clarified as the source indicates that only the trade of the bird would be banned. Thrush definition, any of numerous, medium-sized songbirds of the family Turdinae, usually dull brown and often speckled below, and including many outstanding singers. Translations. With treatment, oral thrush usually goes away after a couple of weeks. To push or drive quickly and forcefully: thrust a pole into the ground. Migrating from northern Europe to the Iberian Peninsula's cork forests are blackcaps, finches, robins, and song thrushes. Children with primary immunodeficiency syndromes are at increased risk of tooth decay and gum disorders as well as thrush and mouth ulcers. Striped snail shells lying shattered at a song thrush anvil: 7. If convicted, Thrush faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison for each of the ten counts of failing to pay over payroll taxes, and a maximum sentence of one … Visit a page 5. These include syphilis, herpes, genital warts, and thrush. flora of the mouth predisposing it to thrush infections. I found some relief with liberal applications of bag balm, as well as by using these things called Second Skin bandages (which are moist bandages used for burns) between feedings – but use those with care because if you leave them on too long you can get thrush from the damp environment. I see only a good case of thrush minimum: 6. thrush family in a sentence - Use "thrush family" in a sentence 1. Q. The mistle thrush will sing sometimes in spells of at least 3 hours. RELATED ( 7 ) lichen. How to use thrush in a sentence. It has few distinctive species, but within its borders the southern mole and cotton-tail rabbit of the South meet the northern star-nosed and Brewers moles and the varying hare of the North, and the southern bobwhite, Baltimore oriole, bluebird, catbird, chewink, thrasher and wood thrush are neighbors of the bobolink, solitary vireo and the hermit and Wilson s thrushes. For example, robins and bluebirds are different genera of the thrush family. Most people chose this as the best definition of thrasher: Any of various songbirds... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. an acute or chronic condition produced by the fungus Candida albicans in which lesions occur in the mucous membranes of mouth, vagina and respiratory tissues. This is a small whistling thrush, at only 20 cm. The sense of closure is in keeping with the theme of death articulated in the poem, where the speaker laments the loss of life and the end of the day, year and century. A thrush appears, and sings so joyfully that the speaker is convinced that the bird knows something he does not – that the thrush singing in the twilight knows of brighter days to come. See Answer. I think "the trade in … (open, save, copy) orlandosentinel.com. Ans. Tanoral zinc tannate formula for oral thrush and general dental and periodontal hygiene. Expect to be told to treat your baby for thrush, too, even if you can't see any white patches in the baby's mouth. Members of the thrush family are well-known for their fondness for berries. I see a mistle thrush perching on a wall across the river, a species that I now realize we never saw in Mallorca. It tends to cause fungal infections, including severe thrush that does not respond to usual treatment; severe diarrhea; and serious bacterial infections. Birds were starting their morning singing, roused by the missel, 20. DICTIONARY thrush. The goal of any oral thrush treatment is to stop the rapid spread of the fungus, but the best approach may depend on your age, your overall health and the cause of the infection. I had heard the wood thrush long before. The first time I saw the veery, or Wilson's thrush, also stands out in my memory. watersnake. A thrush is a small brown or gray speckled songbird. What is a sentence using the word thrush? Thrushes are known for their loud, musical songs. Here are some examples. Among the birds of the island are the eagle, hawk, petrel, owl, finch, peewit, diamond bird, fire-tail, robin, emu-wren, crow, swallow, magpie, blackcap, goatsucker, quail, ground dove, parrot, lark, mountain thrush, cuckoo, wattlebird, whistling duck, honeybird, Cape Barren goose, penguin duck, waterhen, snipe, albatross and laughing jackass. A thrush was singing. bight Winchelsea tree-tops, a Mistle Thrush was singing. Your guinea's mouth may then become infected with oral thrush. In the poem “The Dark Thrush,” regular rhythms and sound effects, such as assonance, alliteration and sibilance, are used to convey the themes of death and the rebirth of hope. Pronunciations. 0 0 Oral Thrush Outlook. Consider more lenient search: click button to let Glosbe search more freely. Example Sentences. 1. Thrush can occur also in skin areas that are subjected to long periods of immersion in water. Bugs creep around him through the tendrils and quite near a, 24. Thomas Hardy lost his . You can use thrush as a noun in a sentence. One early thrush gave me a note or two as I drove along the woodland path. Where was the statue to Nathaniel Patten which had caused such consternation at, 22. Antifungal medications, which are generally taken for 10 to 14 days, are often prescribed to treat thrush. A finch (Nesospiza acunhae), a thrush (Nesocichla eremita), and a water-hen (Gallinula nesiotis) are the only land birds - the first two being peculiar to the islands. : As dawn breaks on a misty Welsh morning, the earliest birds to break into song are likely to include European robins, followed by blackbirds and song thrushes. A little farther along was an elusive male Blue Rock Thrush and a noisy group of about twenty common waxbills. White, slightly raised areas in your mouth are common signs of thrush. Women between the ages of 20 – 40 years are most susceptible to developing vaginal thrush and … It's difficult to see thrush in a sentence. I saw a flock of five bluebirds, a phoebe, and a hermit, 26. thrush [thrush] infection of the oral mucous membrane by the fungus Candida albicans; called also oral candidiasis. This comes in several forms, including lozenges, tablets, or a liquid that you swish in your mouth and then swallow. Recurrent oral and vaginal yeast infections occurred in two patients receiving cyclosporin and oral, 21. Two hundred meters down hill from the bus station was a singing male blue rock thrush which was very obliging. Consult your doctor if you have recurrent thrush. A healthy worm population is evident, as I often see a, 29. A thrush alighted on a branch of the pine tree. The doctor diagnosed this as thrush: 5. See Synonyms at push. Thrush (oropharyngeal candidiasis) is a medical condition in which a yeast-shaped fungus called Candida albicans (the older and less often used name for Candida is Monilia) overgrows in the mouth and throat.C. Source: 'Daily Use'. Drama and Acting. Asked by Wiki User. Oral thrush is also common when the immune system has failed, but quickly responds to oral medicine. Vaginal creams and pessaries help reduce overgrowth of candida and ease thrush symptoms. See Brown thrush. Thrush: Thrush is a yeast infection which occurs in the mouth and throat when someone's immune system is suppressed, as with HIV and other autoimmune diseases. Striped snail shells lying shattered at a song, 18. Thrush infections usually appear in the mouth (oral thrush infections usually appear in the mouth (oral thrush) or genitals. A thrush is a small brown or gray speckled songbird. No translation memories found. Most people chose this as the best definition of thrush: Any of numerous migratory... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Wind brings a dandelion drift of exclamation marks, and the, 23. 3. a. thrush 1 (thrŭsh) n. Any of numerous migratory songbirds of the widely distributed family Turdidae, usually having brownish upper plumage and a spotted breast and noted for a clear melodious song. Vote & Rate 5. Birds of passage include the buzzard, kite, quail, wild fowl of various kinds, golden thrush, wagtail, linnet, finch and nightingale. A small or medium-sized songbird, typically having a brown back, spotted breast, and loud song. Always choose a bra made from cotton to prevent thrush. Synonyms: 1.Candidiasis 2. species. About vaginal thrush . Find Words. If you are prone to it or don’t get better, you may need to see an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Among land birds may be enumerated several varieties of eagle, vulture, falcon, owl, crow, jay, magpie, stork, quail, thrush, dove, &c. Pheasants are easily acclimatized; grouse and woodcock are indigenous on the uplands of the north; partridges, in all districts. It most often … There are often no symptoms of HIV in infants, but within a few months most infants who are infected show signs of opportunistic infections such as failure to thrive, chronic thrush, and persistent diarrhea. Thrush infections usually appear in the mouth (oral thrush) or genitals. First sentence of the Classification section is a bit long and awkward. All Rights Reserved. There are many insectivorous birds; among the song birds are the hermit thrush, the wood thrush, the Wilson's thrush, the brown thrasher, the bobolink, the catbird, the oven bird, the house wren, the song sparrow, the fox sparrow, the vesper sparrow, the white-throated sparrow (Peabody bird), the goldfinch and the robin. One of the most perfect cases of mimicry in birds is presented by a Madagascar thrush or babbler (Tylas eduardi), which resembles feather for feather a shrike (Xenopirostris polleni), from the same island. How to pronounce thrush. A yellow warbler will do just as well as a vireo, a spotted, 28. The thrush in The Hobbit is described as being almost coal-black with pale yellow spots on its breast. We saw many more bullfinches as well as at least three Grenada Flycatchers and another Bare-eyed Thrush. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Birds include yellowhammers, lesser whitethroats, dunnocks and song thrushes. Thrush is common in young babies and the infection easily passed back and forth between mother and baby. Need to translate "SONG THRUSH" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Learn more. Among the smaller birds may be enumerated finches, the siskin, bullfinch, pipit, titmouse, wagtail, lark, fine-crested wren, hedge-sparrow, corn-wren, nut-hatch, starling, swallow, martin, swift, thrush, butcher bird, shrike, dipper, yellow-hammer, ortolan and a warbler (Accentor alpinus).